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The You Squared planner isn't made to just help you jot down your to-do's and call it a day - the market is saturated with those kinds of planners.

The You Squared planner is created differently; it's created to make a difference in your life. It's intentionally laid-out to take you on a self-growth journey, from point A to B (think of it like a year full of growth).

This planner is created to up-level your life, and to not only get you to believe in yourself, give the structure to plan your goals big and small, but to actually motivate you to achieve your goals.

The new 2022 planner has thoughtful updates to the layout and content, and it's full of amazing new features. For a list of features, visit the product page.

Currently, we only sell our awesome products online. :)

Just enter the receiver's mailing address when prompted. :) Happy gifting!

We've scoured America to find the best materials and we only use premium materials for all our products, (even down to our packaging and shipping tape) - yes, we're that meticulous. :)

Our new planners are made with premium coated fabric to resist easily scratching or staining the fabric.

The premium paper we've chosen is thick and has a smooth writing experience, with no bleed-through when using regular pens.


We get our orders out FAST! If your order is placed before 4pm PST M-F, we will do our best to ship it out the same-day, otherwise the following day!

Please contact us ASAP after your order is placed if you'd like the shipping address to be changed! If you contact us withtin the first 30 minutes after your order is placed, we'll be able to update it! If you contact us after that, still get in touch so we can make sure to get it to the address of your choice :)

Yes! At the moment, we ship within the U.S.A. and Canada! Stay tuned for updates regarding our expanding service areas in the future!


Different than our competitors, and so much better! Please read here!


Great question! When I was thinking about how to name my business, I wrote a long list of potential names. Almost none of them felt like the "right" fit. There was one name I liked, but ultimately didn't end up choosing. I kept thinking about what effect my planners would have on people: a transformational journey of exponential growth. 

Eventually, I thought back to my highschool days and remembered math class. In alegbra, numbers that get raised to an exponent/power, can grow immensely, by double or more. I liked math, and I toyed around with the words "exponent, exponential, and squared". That's when You Squared was born! 

I know our planners have the power to help you exponentialize your growth! The word "you" is added because I created these planners FOR you, with YOU in mind!

Here at You Squared, our customer service approach is human centered. We’re human, you’re human, and we want to treat you like a person and not just a business transaction. We don’t like being treated like crap or indifferent by companies either. We love brands that inspire us too and we strive to inspire you everyday as well!

Thank you for the love! We love you too :) 

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As always, thank you for being part of the You Squared family :)