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Why Mentorship is Important to Your Success

Why Mentorship is Important to Your Success

Mentorship is important to your success because it can help PROPEL you forward. 

How can you not want to propel forward?!

Okay, maybe you’re not a HUGE self-development fanatic like me, but…you should be. 


Self-growth affects every area of your life: your personal relationships, professional relationships, your acts of kindness and giving, and essentially everything!

I’m pretty sure you don’t actually LIKE staying stagnant.

Okay, so what is a mentor?

A mentor is someone with knowledge or skills we seek that could guide us using their life experience. 

A mentor could help prevent us from making major mistakes that cost us so much time and money. 

How to find a mentor?

Glad you asked!

The good news is that you can find a mentor almost anywhere! 

Here's what you need to do:

  • Identify what kind of mentor you like. Think: what skills you want to learn, what industry you'd like to be in, who could influence you.
  • Search LinkedIn to find people you'd like to connect with. If you have mutual connections, ask for an introduction. 
  • If you have no mutual connections, do your research. According to Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals, every person you want to meet is only 7 people away!
  • Craft a compelling pitch that is sincere. Don't send connection requests without a thoughtful message. 
  • Provide value. You could send helpful articles related to topics they post about, etc.
  • Realize this is a long term play. Some people might be more keen on helping you than others. Some don't have the time, or simply don't want to help. Don't follow up incessantly, and accept the fact that they don't owe you anything. 
  • If you do get a meeting, send a thank you card and email afterwards. Maintain contact occasionally and continue to foster the relationship.
  • Alternatively, you could pay for these services. Mentors could be coaches that you hire. They could provide valuable insight on topics of your interest.

Do you see the power of mentorship? Do you see how important mentorship is to your success?

Remember, success is a long journey that includes a never-ending quest and hunger for growth. 

Now go out and find your mentors!