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Why Integrity Matters in Life

Why Integrity Matters in Life

Why integrity matters in life isn't talked about nearly enough!

Integrity is sticking to your word and doing what you say you will. 

In society, so many of us say we're going to do things but we don't. This is true in our:

  • personal relationships with friends, family, and our spouses
  • work relationships with managers and coworkers, and
  • academic relationships with professors and other students

Integrity is taken very loosely! 

When was the last time you were out of integrity?

Simple Examples of Integrity

Here are some examples + easy ways to maintain and improve your integrity. 

  • Showing up on time. Not even 5 minutes late. How? Leave at least 15 minutes earlier than you think. As the saying goes, it's always better to "show up early than even a minute late". 
    • If you're late, just apologize. Stop bringing excuses that there was traffic, you couldn't find your keys, a car blocked your driveway, your shower took too long, etc. No matter your reason, take responsibility for your actions. It's even worse if your excuses are lies! People prefer honesty.
  • Not saying things you don't mean. A lot of people say things they don't actually mean. They might even say something like "come stay at my place when you come to town" thinking that the other person will never come, yet when they do, and want to take you up on your offer, you feel uncomfortable because you never meant it in the first place! Does this sound familiar?! 

  Moral of the story? Just don't say things you don't mean. Don't make empty promises. 

  • Keeping your commitments. Already committed to something but just "don't feel" like doing it anymore? Once you agree to something, it throws you out of integrity to back out when the other person thinks that they can count on you.

Why It Matters to Maintain Your Integrity

If you’re out of integrity, you harm yourself and others.

You can create distrust and ruin relationships with others but when you lie to YOURSELF and break integrity with YOURSELF, you'll always keep cheating yourself.

Pretending others don't matter or that it doesn't matter to maintain integrity will always negatively affect your life if you don't care to address it and take action.

How will you maintain your integrity today?