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What's Your North Star?

What's Your North Star?


Back in college, I made myself a commitment that no matter what I did in life, my number 1 goal in life would be to BE HAPPY! 

How I Let My North Star Guide Me

So a bit of backstory...

Over the years, I've grown and as I've learned, reflected, and matured, I've pivoted as my tastes, values and thoughts evolved. No matter what I've done throughout the years, I stayed true to the commitment I made myself in my early twenties.

Even when starting You Squared, I stayed true to creating a life of happiness for myself by doing something that brings me huge fulfillment: impacting people's lives, encouraging them to think big and believe in themselves, and creating inspirational tools, especially my an all-in-one system to help people up-level their lives. Every time someone tells me my products have changed their lives, it makes me so emotional and bursting with happiness! Some stories have put me on the verge of (happy) tears because the impact hit like a domino effect and also changed other people's lives as well. I am so blessed to be able to change people's lives through what I do!

So, now that you've heard a bit about my experience, I wanted to ask you: what's your north star? Have you even chosen a north star?


If you have a north star that guides the big picture of your life decisions, and it's been working for you, great!

If you haven't been mindful or intentional about choosing a north star, no problemo! Today's the day!


If you know me by now, you know I'm HUGE on self-reflection and self-growth. These two go hand in hand. You need to self-reflect to make the right decisions and changes in your life that can steer your course in a brighter direction. Stagnancy will do us no favors. I once heard someone say, "you're either livin' or you're dyin'." 

So reflect on your life, what you've learned, how you've grown, and on your biggest dreams. What would you need to believe about yourself to achieve them? How would you feel if you accomplished and lived the life of your dreams?

Step 2: Pick an overall life goal

This can change as you evolve, but think big picture. What's the overarching goal to guide your life decisions? 

It could be the same goal as mine: to be happy, or it could be something totally different, but ultimately choose something true to you. 

Wishing you a life of happiness and fulfillment!