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What to Do When You Feel Misunderstood

What to Do When You Feel Misunderstood

Whoa baby, am I glad to write about this topic!

The truth is, a lot of us feel misunderstood at times, especially if what we're doing or how we're thinking goes against the grain and isn't in line with the status quo. 

Even Jesus was misunderstood. 


Perhaps this is how you feel:

I'm built different and stray far away from the status quo where no originality or creativity lies. Where everything is one and the same. There's no growth there. Nothing evolves there. There are no big breakthroughs. It's a repetitive cycle of being stuck. 

If so, I feel exactly the same way! After all, I wrote it. ;)

The first action step to overcoming the feelings associated with being misunderstood is to recognize the why. 

Being different will lead to all kinds of assumptions by people because your differences are out of the scope of their understanding and they don't want to stretch their imagination or knowledge. They stay too fixated on their ways, beliefs, and perspectives and aren't open to change, or attempting to understand your reasoning either. 


  • Accept being misunderstood. Accept being different. Accept being uniquely you. I once read a quote that said, "God gave you a fingerprint that no one else has, so you could leave an imprint like no one else can."

We can't force people to think a certain way about us. We can't change people's minds if they're unwilling to change. But that shouldn't stop us from being our genuine selves.  

  • Don't seek or rely on outside validation! True validation comes from the inside and knowing your self worth. Your worth isn't derived by what people think of you or say about you. Every human life is valuable in the eyes of God. Everyone matters to Him. YOU matter. 

So stay away from negativity as much as possible, work on improving yourself everyday, accept being uniquely talented and different, understand that not everybody will or has to understand you, and apply that understanding as you move on, grow, and THRIVE! 

You get to design your life and who you become - not what people believe or say about you. So are you going to let being misunderstood be a hinderance, or will you ignore it so you can be propelled to continue grow?!