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Facing Obstacles

Facing Obstacles

There are many obstacles you may face when trying to achieve your goals. 

You might:

  • Have the wrong mindset
  • Fear failure 
  • Listen to everybody’s opinions
  • Doubt yourself
  • Not even begin

Having these fears, doubts, judgements and mindset is human. But, they limit and maybe even halt your growth. 

Let me do a quick rundown.

1. Having the wrong mindset. 

Mindset is crucial for a fulfilling and successful life as a human being. Even small mindset shifts, like choosing to not get angry if someone cuts you off in traffic, or letting old people go in front of you in line even if you’ve been waiting for a while, etc. makes a difference. Choosing to smile when you’re angry or sad, could actually alleviate your anger or sadness a bit. 

A big mindset shift like going from negative thinking to positive thinking could have a HUGE impact on your life and make you feel like a completely new person! The effects are outstanding! 

More on mindset in a future blog. :) 

2. Fear of failure. 

There’s always a risk when you make a choice. Overthinking, worrying, and actually FEARING failure will get you nowhere. Your fear of failure will make it so that you don’t even start to do something uncomfortable because it’s “scary”. You feel safe in your comfort zone and you’re afraid to jump into something new because you think there’s a chance of failure. 

Wake up, Pumpkin! Anything worth doing comes with risk of failure. Do it anyway. Explore the possibilities. Learn from mistakes and achievements. Dare to dream big. Be bold. 

3. Listening to everybody’s opinions. 

Everybody has opinions and that’s okay. The problem is when you make decisions solely based off of everybody else’s opinions, neglecting your own. 

Sometimes you know better. After all, you know yourself better than everybody else. Don’t let people’s opinions cloud your judgment. 

4. Doubting yourself. 

Doubting yourself is probably the biggest obstacle you could face when trying to achieve your goals. 

If you don’t believe in yourself, you let yourself down. You’re capable of doing great things but you could only do them if you believe you can. So start believing. 

5. Not even beginning. 

This one is self-explanatory. You'll miss out on so much if you don't even begin.

The obstacles you face when trying to achieve your goals may be few or plenty.

You must:

  1. Have the right mindset. A positive outlook is important. Embrace learning and the journey of doing. 
  2. Stop fearing failure. Take a chance and do it anyway. If you fail, learn from it, and grow. Try again. 
  3. Stop listening to everybody’s opinions if it goes against everything you believe in. 
  4. Stop doubting yourself. Start believing in yourself. 
  5. Have the courage to begin. 

Don’t try to achieve. Just do.