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How Your Decisions Affect Your Life Goals

How Your Decisions Affect Your Life Goals

A beautiful hike in Joshua Tree on Easter Day got me thinking about how our decisions affect our goals. 

It got me thinking about an abundance of things actually. (More blog posts to come)!

For now, let's start with how your decisions affect your life goals. 

Your LIFE is dependent upon the decisions you make. 

You make lots of decisions on a day to day basis. 

But how often do you stop and truly think about how your decisions play into your long term goals?

Do you even have long term goals? 

Are they goals or just dreams?

The goals you set now may not seem as important but years later you realize how important they are. 

That's why you have to set yourself up for success starting NOW

Think about it. 

If you are careless with your food choices and you don't exercise, you build up bad habits that are harder to break as time goes on. You get out of balance and become unhealthy, and that lifestyle is harder to break. Whereas, if you made better choices when you were younger, you would be more healthy, balanced, and so forth. 

The same goes with not having goals and direction. When you don't live life intentionally, life passes by without big accomplishments. Years later you realize you missed out on so much you were capable of just because you didn't set goals and live intentionally. 

Here's the thing, as time goes on, your goals can change. Your goals might evolve as you evolve, and that's great! Being clear on your direction is what's important and even if you change paths and pivot, goals will always be of the utmost importance for you and your success. 

Writing down your goals helps pave your path to success.

Using your You Squared planner helps you with your goals, intentions, and clarity!

When you self reflect with the guided self reflection questions in your You Squared planner, you discover what truly matters to you. You get to know yourself, what you crave, what you absolutely don't want, and you get to creating a plan that fits with your goals.

You're encouraged to think BIG picture. I want you to expect more out of yourself and out of the life you live. 

I want you to be successful and do big things, because you can and you should!

Or do you want to stay average?

Listen, if you don't set long terms goals and have a long term plan, all the decisions and actions (or lack thereof) you take TODAY, won't mean anything.

You need to set yourself up for success.

The great actions you take today for your future COMPOUND.

The negative actions you take today ALSO COMPOUND.  

If you are a couch potato in your 20's, it'll be a lot harder to be fit and be healthier in your 30's. 

If you don't get to know yourself now, you'll waste years of your life unsuccessfully, unproductively, and without TRUE fulfillment.

Once you do a deep dive and self reflect, you can take action accordingly. 

So be sure to pick up your You Squared planner right now and get started!