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4 Steps to Stop Feeling Uninspired

4 Steps to Stop Feeling Uninspired

Bouts of uninspiration (how is this not an official word?!) are bound to happen every once in a while, but they're not exactly pleasant - far from it!

Feel uninspired sucks so what can we do to overcome it? 

Step 1: 

Understand that you're not alone. We all face times when we feel uninspired. Not just some of us, all of us. Even the most inspirational creators and visionaries have felt uninspired at times. 

Step 2: 

Make the decision that you don't want to stay stuck and uninspired. The first real step to overcoming it is taking a firm stance that you no longer want to feel uninspired and that you won't let this feeling overtake you for long. We don't want this feeling to drag out and unless we put a stop to it, we (perhaps unintentionally) consent to letting it continue for much longer than necessary.

It's good to make the decision in your mind, but you can take it a step further by saying an affirmational statement as well. 

For example, you can say out loud, "I have decided I will no longer feel uninspired. The feeling came, and now, it's in my power to let it go. I won't let this feeling have control over my life. Inspiration, come back now!". Say it with conviction! You might have to repeat it more than once. Keep repeating it (or any other inspirational sentence you come up with), until you fully feel and believe it. 

Step 3: 

Rest. After you've decided you won't let the feeling of a lack of inspiration control you and rule your thoughts and actions, take a break. It's easy to feel overwhelmed at times, but all we have to do is take a few moments to rest, recoup, and re-energize! Our mental and emotional health is vital to our success in all areas of our lives. No one is exempt from this. 

What I love to do is immediately look up inspirational or motivational quotes, such as these on, and take some time to meditate and reflect on the quotes that stand out to me the most. Instead of just skipping past it, I let a powerful quote really sink into my thoughts, emotions and heart and make a place there. 

I also enjoy listening to motivational speeches, such as this shatteringly powerful commencement speech from Rick Rigsbythis emotional story of winning the battle in your mind from Rock Thomas,  and these amazing lessons to living a less complicated life by Lou Holtz

I typically find that somewhere in between steps 2 and 3, I stop feeling uninspired and I'm back in my groove. However, sometimes it takes a little longer, which leads me share what's worked for me in the next step.


Work through it. If you still don't feel inspired, work through it even if it's hard in the beginning. It will get easier. Sometimes moving forward and just powering through is the way to overcome rather getting into a state of stagnation. 


1. Know you are not alone. You're not the only one who has faced this challenge. Challenges are temporary and you can get through this and win!

2. Make the CHOICE to put a stop to feeling uninspired, and declare that it won't control your emotions/actions for long. Do not let this feeling drag out unnecessarily long - and it will unless you decide to put a stop to it. 

3. Read some inspirational quotes/messages and take some time to think and reflect on them. Watch some inspirational or funny videos, and look at life as a learning opportunity. 

4. Work through it. Don't settle for complacency and move forward til you get your desired results. 

P.S. These steps are the reason I wrote this blog today ;).