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How to CRUSH Self Limiting Beliefs

How to CRUSH Self Limiting Beliefs

Struggling with self limiting beliefs? Ready to CRUSH them and become the person you know you're capable of being?!

Let me ask you a question first...

The limit you’ve set for yourself: Why? Why so small? 

Why Do People Set Self Limiting Beliefs?

It's quite simple actually: society + our circle.

Maybe you've noticed that the older you get, the less creative and ambitious people you meet. Society as a whole is full of unambitious people who either think they can't do something big with their lives or don't want to. Most of the time, it's because they think they CAN'T. 

What about your circle of friends, family, and acquaintances? 

When I tell you the circle around you has SO much influence on you, I'm not exaggerating.

The problem stems from actually caring about what others think. If this is you, STOP. STOP that now, because this will be one of the biggest damaging factors to your growth and success. 

Another huge problem goes back to who's in our circle. If they're unsuccessful, negative, and unambitious, they'll want you to be just like them. They can't expect incredible things out of YOU because they think that you're on their level. If they think THEY can't, then they also think that YOU can't.

Then the cycle of self-limiting beliefs not only transcends themselves, but to all those closest to them. 

How to Crush Self Limiting Beliefs

1. Work on your MINDSET. 

Your mindset will guide all your actions. Read that again.

To crush your self limiting beliefs, you have to realize this: 

You’re HUMAN.

Simply being human is incredible! As humans, we’re limitless!

People believe and act as if it’s impossible to do big things.

The big things in life are created by visionaries who aren’t afraid to the boundaries. Who aren’t afraid or rejection of failure. Who embrace the journey and challenges. Who don’t listen to the naysayers. To those who don’t give up!

Got it?! Now, DON'T let other people's negative beliefs of your capabilities drag you down and off your path to success (in whatever areas of your life that may be). 

2. Surround yourself with people of your level and BETTER. 

There's so much growth that comes from simply being around people with the right mindset. As I love to say, success breeds success, just as failure breeds failure. Being around people on your level and better is INVALUABLE! Always learn from these people and uplevel your quality of thoughts, actions, and knowledge. 

3. Never stop believing in yourself. 

Once you doubt yourself, everything falters. Believe in yourself and take action, without allowing yourself to be influenced by the negativity of the unsuccessful people around you.

(Remember, success doesn't come in terms of just money. Success is defined in many different ways. Find which way(s) are defined by you.)

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