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Find Your Motivation with the Best Yearly Planners!

Find Your Motivation with the Best Yearly Planners!

Hey, you!

Let's chat.

Maybe you're struggling every day to say focused and on track. 

Well, without some effective system or strategy in place, you most likely will fail to reach your goals, maintain your schedule, or remember events consistently.

But, not all hope is lost! There's an economical and relatively easy solution to this, and that's buying the best yearly planners! Hint hint: The You Squared planners ;)

From common-sense scheduling to using the best yearly planners effectively, a strategy works very well to help prevent you wasting time and forgetting events, aside from of course, increasing productivity. 

Crafting a Schedule to Enter into the Best Yearly Planners

One of the first things to tackle when trying to stay on track is to create a schedule! That means specifically writing what you need to do and when. This will help you with managing your time more effectively, whether jotting down things to at work, or during the weekends. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is vital!

Personally, I love waking up early (around 6:30am), making my bed (there's an amazing motivational video on why this is effective), taking a (relatively) cold shower, and reading a book for 30 minutes.

Compare that with most people, who don't allow themselves enough time to get everything done in the morning, procrastinate and wait until the last minute possible to get out of bed (I used to do this when I was going to school haha), then rush to get out of the house and leave to work, school, or to appointments.

So, to avoid having a messy and unproductive morning like this, figure out what your ideal morning would be like, write it down in one of your planner pages, and commit to your schedule, at least Monday-Friday. (Hey, maybe you want to sleep in on the weekends! [I know I do!]). 

  • Commuting

Be sure to always plan ahead and make sure you've added some extra time to commute, as there might be traffic or other unexpected issues along your way to work, or a meeting. As the old saying goes, "I rather be an hour early, than a minute late." I really live by this mantra!

  • Evening Chores

Chores! BO-RING! No one thinks chores are fun. However, there's a way to make them a bit more tolerable. You can put some nice music, sing, and dance around! Be silly, goofy, and life like no one is watching. Don't be self conscious if you can't sing or dance, because frankly, no one cares. 

The trick to staying on schedule is to ensure all chores are done on a schedule to allow enough time to relax and get to sleep at a specific time. Eliminate all distractions and sleep at a reasonable time. Your morning self will thank you! And be sure to jot everything down in your productivity planner or set a timer on your cell phone.

  • Bedtime

Bedtime! Woohoo! Personally, I love bedtime. It helps that my bed is a super comfy hybrid memory foam and gel mattress, but that's besides the point.

Bedtime is a time of relaxation and bliss! It's the time to unwind. Before you go to sleep, be sure to write down 1-3 things you're grateful for that day, in the daily gratitude portion of your You Squared planner. It's a great time to reflect on the day. Also, be sure to refer to the inspirational and motivational quote of the month in your motivational and yearly planner!

Selecting the Best Yearly Planners or Productivity Planners

Umm, I'm going to be a bit biased, but our You Squared planners are THE BEST planners out there! In general, productivity planners are excellent tools for people who want to stay focused and on track day-to-day. But aside from all that, our You Squared planners have a TON of motivation built in!

Every page is meticulously thought out and crafted to help you discover and stick to making the best version of yourself possible! 

The self-reflection and straight motivation pages are made and crafted with YOU in mind, to help you focus on yourself. 

Our best yearly planner also includes useful features like habit trackers, a monthly goal breakdown, a section for daily gratitude, and so much more! It's also made of very high-quality materials, and eco-friendly fabric! They're also made and manufactured right here in the U.S.A.!

Other planners, aside from not having all the AMAZING content in our planners, are made from cheap materials that won't withstand regular wear and tear from heavy use, are made in China, and have useless features like a phone book (seriously! We don't know what they were even thinking), rulers, and other extra fluff. 

Our planners, on the other hand, are genuinely worth every penny and are the best yearly planners to invest in for increasing overall progress, increasing daily productivity, and being inspired to discover and work towards the biggest goals you have!

So, invest in yourself today! You'll be sorry you didn't get started sooner.