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Helping People Unconventionally

Helping People Unconventionally

When I set off to start You Squared, I didn’t want to start just another company. I wanted to build a brand that sparked connection between myself and other awesome people who want more out of life, who seek moving upwards, happiness, and the unconventional. 

I wanted to create a company and brand that could help people, because I love people, and I love helping!

I wanted this company and brand to truly reflect on who I am as a person, and do something to change the world!

My goal in life is to inspire at least 1 million people achieve their greatest potential, and that starts with YOU! Every planner or other awesome product purchased at You Squared helps with two people’s life journeys: yours + mine!

For me, I get to inspire you. I get to know you’re improving and getting better. I get to have a peace of mind knowing my products, brand, and company is inspiring you. It makes my dream that I’m pursuing all worth it!

For you, I can image you in a cozy room, snuggled up in a warm blanket, quieting the outside noise and taking a few minutes (or more!) to focus on yourself every single day. I want you to achieve breakthroughs, believe in yourself (because I believe in YOU and you should too), and plan for, and take the steps necessary to achieve all you’ve ever dreamed of. 

To take a quote from my (other, personal) blog,, sometimes we have some self-confidence and we share our ideas, hopes, and dreams, with friends and family, only to get shot down, not realizing that those closest to us don’t believe in us because THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES...

I hope you join me along on this amazing journey, to a better you!

Please connect with me at anytime along the way!

Sending you a big hug! (I’m a hugger!),