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Change Your Focus to Change Your Life

Change Your Focus to Change Your Life

What you focus on GROWS

Take a moment to reflect on that statement.

Focus on the bad, and that's all you'll see. Focus on the good, and that's all you'll see. 

I'm such a positive person, I choose to see the good or at least the growth opportunity in every situation - for myself and for others. I've found that taking this approach profoundly affects my mental and emotional health, and it's made life a lot easier for me especially as others struggle with the same issues that don't affect me as much because my focus is different. 

I want to help you, friend! So, here are the strategies I've used to excel.


The first step to growing, improving, and THRIVING (why settle for anything less?!) is to identify the quality of our thoughts. So, what are you focusing on? 

Be honest in your self-assessment. 

Realize that to change how you approach and process situations is directly determined to how you're focusing on a situation. 

Change your focus to change your direction. 

Step 2: Identify how your focus makes you feel

For example, if your focus is negative, what emotions do you feel? List every emotion that comes with that negativity.

Once you step back to look in and realize how much your negative focus is dragging you down and how it's making you feel not-too-good, you'll convince yourself to make the change. 

Don't skip this step. There is no growth in stagnancy or laziness. 

Step 3: Determine how you will approach new situations with your new focus

Will you see the good in everything?

What about the challenges? How will you approach those?

Step 4: Make the commitment

The good news is, no matter what you've been focusing on the past, you can choose to change that NOW! That means at this very instant, you can make a decision that will change the entire course of your wellbeing and life. How cool is that?!

If you've been negative, you can commit to change! If you've been mostly positive but not fully embracing or finding the good in every situation, you can commit to positivity all the way! 

If you're been positive, commit to staying that way!

What changes will you make? Don't delay! The sooner you can change your focus, the sooner your life will improve. Seemingly small changes will make a big difference. 

Step 5: Meditate

Meditate on how much this can change your life. Deep self-reflective work has completely changed my life and I encourage you to do the same because I want your life to change too. ❤️

I like spending the first part of my morning reflecting, but it doesn't stop then. I often meditate as I work behind my desk, or especially going out into nature and appreciating the beauty of God's creation. It's vital for me to silence the outside world because to quiet your mind is to open your mind. 

As Preacher Andrew Wommack says, "Stillness increases our awareness."

So what are you committing to today?!