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A Year End Reflection!

A Year End Reflection!

Hi everyone!

To finish the year off, I always reflect on the highs and lows of the year, as well as my biggest achievements!

Though this year was challenging for everyone, let's end it off on the right foot! Nothing beats positivity and self-reflection!

So, I wanted to ask, what are YOUR biggest achievements this year?! Let me know in the comments below!

Mine are:

-Graduated from uni with Magna Cum Laude honors

-Read a LOT more books 

-Started a blog,, to inspire people to reach their greatest potential. I share life lessons that are universal to everyone because I want everyone to succeed in their personal lives and be happy! I talk about mindset, positivity, and so many more gems, in a fun, (sometimes funny), and engaging manner, in short, enjoyable reads!

-Started You Squared, a brand focused on YOU and something that is an extension of my blog.

I'm really proud of my achievements and I'd really love to hear about your biggest achievements of the year in the comments below!

Let's make it an INCREDIBLE 2021!