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What makes the You Squared Planner so different

At You Squared, we do the unconventional. We solve problems in intentional ways that break the status quo. 

We strive to elevate and inspire you to up-level your life and step into your greatest self: the person you are meant to be.

We create everything with the most meticulous attention to detail, and haven't spared any time or expense into creating a planner that would transform you into becoming a new, more elevated, up-leveled you.

Each month is packed with a theme in an area of self-development, with guided self-reflection questions, a monthly mantra and book recommendations. Get ready to crush your self-limiting beliefs and become the achiever you are meant to be!

Get to know your planner


We believe everyone deserves a happy, fulfilled, purposeful, successful, and organized life. With this goal planner, you can liberate the one thing holding you back (yourself), and create a life of purpose and success.

The reviews speak for themselves!

Does this sound like you?

Are You

Hardworking but feeling "all over the place" and frustrated?

Wanting to achieve your goals but are held back by fear or insecurity?

Wanting to build a life of purpose?

Needing some positivity in a stressful and difficult environment?

Starting something but need the accountability to keep going?

A student?

A working professional?

A dreamer seeking a fulfilling life?


Reclaim your time, increase your productivity, and only focus on what matters to you.

De-clutter your thoughts, brain-dump, and get out all your frustrations so you can free your mind and be liberated of all that’s holding you back.

Get motivated and pump you up to help you believe in yourself!

Get inspired to achieve your biggest goals, even the ones you think are impossible.

Be encouraged to have a mindset shift and find all the good life has to offer, even in the bad times. It's sprinkled with positivity throughout!

Stay on track and on top of your schedule and needs with the weekly habit trackers and montly accountability sections.

Be a more successful student. Our planner helps you stay organized and on top of all your classes, assignments, exams, and study sessions, workshops, on top of all your personal and other obligations so you free up some of your busy time to take care of your growth.

Clear up your thinking and focus on work, especially if you work from home.

Excel in life and talk to you in it like a friend :)

Identify what you want most and give you the structure for you to plan how you're going to achieve it.


Don't re-write the same old story year after year. You know, the one where you get so excited for your New Year's Resolutions and goals, can't wait until the new year, and from Janaury 1st you get so motivated and you start taking action towards achieveing your goals!

Then, you give up by the end of the month.

That's because you didn't have a system set in place to help you thrive. You had nothing keeping you accountable. You lost your motivation because maybe you didn't see results as quick as you had hoped. You didn't replace your bad habits with good ones. You neglected your mindset and limiting beliefs.

You ARE destined for more. You ARE worthy.

Don't go another year stuck with the same pattern of peak excitement then crash burnout.

Get your headstart, up-level your life, and finally achieve your goals and stay on track!

A Purpose-Driven Business

Hey, you! I wanna chat for a second about WHY I created this purpose-driven business.

After graduating from university with Magna Cum Laude honors in May of 2020, I kept wondering what I wanted to spend my life doing. After pondering on different avenues, I decided to GO BIG.

All I knew was that I wanted to make an impact in this world and touch millions of lives.

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